24% of New Tokens in 2022 Could be Pump-and-Dump Schemes

• Chainalysis reports that 24% of new tokens launched in 2022 have seen a price decline indicative of possible pump-and-dump activity.
• Mercuryo & ConsenSys reveal integration within MetaMask, allowing users to buy crypto tokens directly in their wallets.
• Unstoppable Domains and Opera expand partnership, enabling Opera users to access Web3 websites powered by Unstoppable Domains.

Suspected Pump-and-Dump Tokens

A new report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis reveals that 24% of the 40,521 tokens launched in 2022 have seen a price decline indicative of possible pump-and-dump activity. Buyers who are not believed to be associated with the tokens’ creators spent $4.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency acquiring some of these tokens, with the report estimating that the creators made a total of $30 million from selling off their holdings before the token value plummeted.

Crypto Payments Integration Within MetaMask

Crypto payments company Mercuryo and blockchain company ConsenSys announced an integration within MetaMask which will allow users to bypass mainstream exchanges and buy crypto directly in their wallet with bank cards, Apple Pay, and various bank transfer methods. This aims to simplify purchasing digital assets thanks to instant checkouts and easier user onboarding.

Unstoppable Domains & Opera Partnership

Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains is expanding its partnership with web browser Opera, enabling Opera users across mobile and Desktop to use Unstoppable Domains to transfer crypto between their wallet and Web3 websites powered by Unstoppable.

Collab Land Token Distribution

Multi-chain platform Collab.Land announced a token distribution to over two million unique members—the largest ever in the history of crypto—with sponsored claims available for verified members and NFT holders, as well as proposals for top 100 communities such as Parallel, Axie Infinity, Aavegotchi, World of Women, Adidas Doodles, BanklessDAO and more. The total retroactive rewards total nearly 6 million USDC stablecoins (worth approximately $6 million).


This article provides an overview of recent developments in Crypto: including suspected pump-and-dump tokens analyzed by Chainalysis; integration within MetaMask allowing users to buy crypto directly; expansion on collaboration between Unstoppable Domain & Opera; token distribution from Collab Land totaling nearly 6 million USDC stablecoins (worth approximately $6 million).