Deposits, withdrawals and Fees at Bitcoin Equaliser

Various fees are incurred when trading via Bitcoin Equaliser, but according to our experience, these are below the market average. In addition to the fees for deposits and withdrawals, which we will discuss in more detail later on, there are also fees for trading. These are dependent on the respective trading volume, whereby always in the rhythm of 30 days is evaluated. A distinction is made between maker fees and taker fees. Maker fees are incurred when a limit order is placed below the buy price and above the sell price.

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Taker fees are incurred when liquidity is taken from an order. For makers, this means that fees are only incurred up to a trading value of five million US dollars. From this volume onwards, no further fees are charged. A maximum of 0.1 percent in fees is possible for a small trading volume of less than 500,000 US dollars, after which the fee of 0.80 percent decreases from 500,000 US dollars. For taker fees, these are between zero and 7.5 million US dollars at 0.2 percent of the trading volume. Thereafter, these continue to decrease until only 0.1 percent is charged at 30 million or more in traded volume.

Deposits and withdrawals

Several wallets and payment options can be used for processing deposits with the provider. For example, transactions can be deposited directly as bitcoin or other currency, which means that no extra exchange is needed anymore. The deposits are made with the coins of course enormously fast and are available for trading after a very short time. Fees are not charged for the deposits. Who likes, can also fall back on the bank transfer for the transactions, although this is accompanied by a certain waiting time. In addition to this, bank transfers incur fees of at least 20 euros per deposit. However, it is important to note that each deposit is tied to a certain minimum. For Bitcoin, it is at least 0.0005 BTC that must be deposited.

If users would like to make a withdrawal at Bitcoin Equaliser, exactly the same options are available for this as for the deposit. In addition, withdrawals can also be made via express bank transfer, which incurs a fee of one percent of the withdrawal amount. However, the fees can only be avoided completely with withdrawals via Btg or Neo. Bitcoin Equaliser charges a fee for all other coins, which is 0.0005 BTC for bitcoin, for example.

Security and regulation

Around the issue of security, users do not have to worry about anything with this platform. Trading can be described as completely safe and reputable, which is primarily ensured by the various encryptions, such as two-factor authentication. An official license from a regulatory authority is not available, but can generally not be presented in this industry. Due to the blockchain technology, the payments are all secure, which means that no fraud can be implemented during trading either.

In addition, the provider offers protection against spam mails, handles the users‘ data securely and trustfully, and even provides a risk statement on the website. So, all in all, there is no doubt that the experienced provider also does a really good and reliable job.

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