How to get to Lugano


Lugano is situated in Ticino, an alpine Canton in a strategic geographic position, directly on the North-South international axis of the St. Gotthard route (Milan-Lugano-Zurich). Lugano is extremely easy to reach through public transportation services (scheduled flights, railroad etc.) and also by private transport.

Airports/train station

Arrival pointTransportation to Lugano city centerPalazzo dei Congressi
Milano Malpensa Airport (MXP)-Shuttle bus
-Individual private transfers
79 KM
Milano Linate Airport (LIN)-Shuttle & train (via Milan)
-Individual private transfers
90 KM
Lugano-Agno Airport (LUG)-Shuttle bus
6 KM
Lugano Train Station-Bus1 KM

Airports – by shuttle

Lugano-Agno Airport (LUG)
The shuttle bus guarantees regular transport between the airport and the city centre of Lugano serving departures and arrivals between 08:00 and 18:30 (10:00 – 18:30 on Sunday). The service is always available on arrival meanwhile for departure it is necessary to book in advance.
More information:

Milano Malpensa (MXP)
Various shuttle bus services connect Malpensa Airport to Lugano. Detailed information on timetables and ticket prices may be found on the website of the promoting companies:

To make it easier we put these three shuttle services together in two tables:

From Malpensa to Lugano

Malpensa Terminal 1 Malpensa Terminal 2 Lugano Piazzale FFS - Piazzale BessoCompany
5.40 h5.50 h6.35 hGiosy Tours
6.00 h6.15 h7.25 hLugano Services
8.00 h8.15 h9.25 hLugano Services
8.20 h8.35 h9.30 hJetbus
8.40 h8.50 h10.00 hGiosy Tours
9.20 h9.35 h10.30 hJetbus
9.40 h9.50 h10.45 hGiosy Tours
10.25 h10.35 h11.45 hLugano Services
10.40 h10.50 h12.00 hGiosy Tours
11.20 h11.35 h12.30 hJetbus
12.00 h12.15 h13.25 hLugano Services
12.20 h12.35 h13.30 hJetbus
12.40 h12.50 h14.00 hGiosy Tours
13.20 h13.35 h14.30 hJetbus
14.05 h14.15 h15.30 hGiosy Tours
14.25 h14.35 h15.45 hLugano Services
14.40 h14.50 h16.00 hGiosy Tours
15.20 h15.35 h16.30 hJetbus
16.25 h16.35 h17.45 hLugano Services
16.40 h16.50 h18.00 hGiosy Tours
17.40 h17.55 h18.50 hJetbus
18.25 h18.35 h19.25 hLugano Services
18.40 h18.50 h20.00 hGiosy Tours
19.20 h19.35 h20.30 hJetbus
19.40 h19.50 h20.45 hGiosy Tours
20.25 h20.35 h21.45 hLugano Services
20.40 h20.50 h22.00 hGiosy Tours
22.00 h22.15 h23.10 hJetbus
22.25 h22.35 h23.45 hLugano Services
23.25 h23.35 h00.45 hLugano Services
23.40 h23.50 h00.45 hGiosy Tours

From Lugano to Malpensa

Lugano Piazzale FFS - Piazzale BessoMalpensa Terminal 1Malpensa Terminal 2Company
4.00 h5.10 h5.15 hGiosy Tours
4.00 h5.05 h5.10 hLugano Services
6.10 h7.10 h7.15 hLugano Services
6.35 h7.40 h7.45 hGiosy Tours
7.00 h8.20 h8.15 hJetbus
7.45 h8.55 h9.00 hGiosy Tours
8.10 h9.15 h9.20 hLugano Services
8.35 h9.45 h9.50 hGiosy Tours
9.00 h10.20 h10.15 hJetbus
9.45 h11.05 h11.00 hJetbus
10.10 h11.20 h11.25 hLugano Services
10.35 h11.40 h11.45 hGiosy Tours
11.00 h12.20 h12.15 hJetbus
12.00 h13.05 h13.10 hGiosy Tours
12.10 h13.15 h13.20 hLugano Services
12.35 h13.40 h13.45 hGiosy Tours
13.00 h14.20 h14.15 hJetbus
14.10 h15.15 h15.20 hLugano Services
14.35 h15.40 h15.45 hGiosy Tours
15.00 h16.20 h16.15 hJetbus
16.00 h17.20 h17.15 hJetbus
16.10 h17.15 h17.20 hLugano Services
16.35 h17.40 h17.45 hGiosy Tours
17.00 h18.20 h18.15 hJetbus
17.35 h18.40 h18.45 hGiosy Tours
18.10 h19.15 h19.20 hLugano Services
18.35 h19.40 h19.45 hGiosy Tours
20.10 h21.15 h21.20 hLugano Services
20.40 h21.50 h21.45 hJetbus
21.45 h22.50 h23.00 hGiosy Tours
22.10 h23.15 h23.20 hLugano Services

Milano Linate (LIN)

Milano Linate is another international airport located 1.5 hour from Lugano. There is not direct connection from Linate to Lugano. From the airport you can take the shuttle to Milano Centrale Railway station and then you can take a direct train to Lugano.

Milan Airports – by train

You can travel from Milan Airports to Lugano on Trenitalia trains. Please note that these trains may not run direct from the airports to Lugano, so be sure to check if you need to change trains during your journey when searching for tickets. On an average weekday, there are 39 trains per day travelling from Milano Malpensa to Lugano.

Milan Airports – by private transfer

If you need a private transfer adapted to your fight schedule, we can organize a dedicated car/van/bus with driver from/to all the Airports (Milan Linate, Milan-Malpensa, Bergamo-Orio al Serio and Lugano Agno). This might be particularly interest- ing for smaller groups travelling together.

Advanced booking and payment are required. No last minute requests accepted. Please contact to receive an o er and book your transfer.

From Lugano train station

From the railway station, the conference venue can either be reached by foot (15 min.) or by public transportation (FFS funicular or bus line n°2.

Detailed information on timetable and ticket prices may be found on the SBB web site:

By taxi
In Lugano and the surrounding area there are many taxi and radio-taxi services, operating 24 hours. Just search on the web (for example “taxi lugano”) to obtain detailed information on offered services and fees.

By car
Take the motorway exit for Lugano Sud and follow the signs for “Palazzo dei Congressi” (Convention Centre). Cars and vans up to a height of 2.2 m max can be parked in the multi-storey car park in Piazza Castello or in the public car park at Campo Marzio, which is 5 minutes by foot from the Palazzo dei Congressi.

Parking is available at the venue for following fees:

Short-term parking
Small passenger vehicles (prices include VAT)
Participants can park in the multi-storey car park in Piazza Castello (in front of the Palazzo dei Congressi) or in the public car park at Campo Marzio (situated at a distance of 600 m from the Palazzo dei Congressi). Daily passes for these car parks can be obtained at the special rate of CHF 17.– (incl. VAT) at the congress secretariat. The ticket must be paid in cash.

Parking rates (07:00 - 19:00) 
First half hourfree
First hourCHF 2.–
From 1 to 3 hoursCHF 1.– every half an hour
From 3 hoursCHF 4.– every hour
From 12 hour to 24 hourCHF 43.–

Parking rate (19:00 - 17:00) 
For each hourCHF 1.–

Lost ticket 
Lump sumCHF 43.–