Instructions for Chairs


Start of the panel

The chairs of the panels are responsible for starting the session on time. Please make sure to be in the session room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the panel you are chairing.

Keeping Time

The chair persons must be active in keeping the time of each presentation in order to leave time for questions and discussions at the end of each panel.

Typically, panels consist of 5 presentations. All panels last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Calculate that in panels with 5 presentations, each presenter will have 15 minutes at most. Timing is crucial at the ECREA 2018 conference, so kindly make sure the presenters do not go beyond their time limit.

Moderating Discussions

Please reserve 15 minutes for discussion! Discussions can take place directly after each presentation. Another option is having a common discussion with all presenters at the end of the panel.

Technical Problems

Assisting staff members will be in the room to help in the case of technical issues.

Social Media Rules

Chairs should also consider ethical issues concerning social media postings during the presentations. In this regard, we kindly ask the chairs to make sure that all presenters are comfortable with their slides and themselves being photographed and posted on social media. The chairs should thus discuss this issue with the presenters before the start of the panel.

In all rooms, chairs will find a sign that indicates the speakers’ preference.

We kindly ask all the chairs to make sure the sign is turned on the correct side (“photo” or “no photo”).