Swiss military shelter


Have you ever considered the idea of using a Swiss military shelter (Bunker) as a sleeping facility to discover a region?

Not far from Lugano many of these structures are available for groups looking for a cheap accommodation and willing to take the opportunity to lodge in a Swiss military shelter.


  • Very simple and rustic lodging
  • Available for groups from 20 pax.
  • All bunkers have common spaces: kitchen, bathrooms and dining hall. Beds are in dorms.
  • Private rooms are not available, but spaces can be divided between men and women.
  • Breakfast not included, clean-up is responsibility of the guests.


What is a Swiss Bunker?

It’s a military shelter that is often partly or fully buried underground and which was designed to protect inhabitants from falling bombs or other attacks. Bunkers were extensively used during World War I, World War II, and the Cold War as weapons and storage facilities and as command and control centers (e.g. in the event of nuclear war).


  • Parking space for coaches available.
  • Number of people per bunker: min. 20 people / max. 50 people. For larger groups it’s possible to use up to 6 buildings for a total of 300 people.
  • Before leaving, the structure must be cleaned and delivered as it has been received.
  • The bed has to be prepared but is provided with linens, a pillow and a blanket.
  • Upon arrival of the group, there will be a briefing for the terms and the conditions of use of the structure.

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Disclaimer: The ECREA 2018 Local Organising Committee wants to emphasize that this is a cheap, original and alternative accommodation that, however, is not comparable to hotel standards. If you are adventurous, living in a bunker for some time with a group of people might be a memorable experience. Maybe give it a try!