Topics of ECREA 2018 Keynotes

Curious about the topics that our three brilliant keynote speakers will address in their speeches?

Here some details:


Who is or should be responsible and accountable for anchoring public values in digitized and datafied societies? José van Dijck, one of our remarkable ECREA 2018 keynote speakers, will share her knowledge and insights on this matter in her speech: “The Geopolitics of Platforms: Lessons for Europe”




Online participation, digital inequality, skills and participation divide. These are the topics that Eszter Hargittai, one of our notable ECREA 2018 keynote speakers, will address in her speech: “The Online Participation Divide”
Eszter Hargittai studies how differences in people’s Web-use skills relate to what they do online.




Lina Dencik, one of our brilliant ECREA 2018 keynote speakers, will give a speech titled: “Resistance in the Datafied Society: From Data Ethics to Data Justice”.
Her presentation will engage with emerging shifts in responses to datafication, particularly within civil society across different boundaries.


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